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(ISO 9001:2015)

Turmeric cultivation through raised bed with drip system

Black cotton soils cover major area in Adilabad district and receive an average annual rain fall of 1050 mm. Area under Turmeric cultivation in the district is at increasing trend. Majority of the farmers in the district are cultivating turmeric under conventional flat bed method. The erstwhile Adilabad district contributes 22.51% of state production. Cultivating turmeric by conventional flat bed method leads to poor drainage, more pest and disease incidence and recording low yields. KVK, Adilabad has conducted FLD on raised bed method with drip system in turmeric. Technology is well suitable for black cotton soils of the district. Less incidence of rhizome rot and rhizome fly observed with yield advantage over conventional flat bed method of cultivation.

Raised bed with drip irrigation system allows rhizome to grow fullest size and volume, improved drainage and moisture conservation in black cotton soils and High water use efficiency.